Pata Negra Seats 25 Patrons.  

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding if tables need to be shared or if we must move you to another table.  You will be rewarded with courtesy or maybe even a free refill.

During Peak Hours Please Limit Your Dinner To 2 Hours. (Especially Weekends!!!)

We would love for you to keep your table for as long as you'd like but due to high NYC rents and rent increases, this is not economically feasible.  We ask that you please be considerate and reasonable during peak hours and not nurse your food and drinks expecting to keep the table for 2 hours.


We Reserve The Right To Decline Reservations During Peak Hours

As a small business we cannot hold tables during the busy hours.  For reservations, please e-mail us at  After 9:00 we recommend you call us to see what is available.


Please Call Ahead If You Are Late Or Cannot Make Your Reservation

Patrons have a 15 minute window to be late before we give your table away.  We ask that you please be considerate and call if you know in advance you are going to be late or have to cancel.  It's just good manners!!!

Please Be Considerate When Tipping Your Server.

At Pata Negra we all work very hard to provide our guests with the very best service possible.  Our Spanish Tapas/Wine Bar atmosphere is designed to be casual yet attentive, with strong food and wine knowledge to give you a unique dining experience.  

If you are displeased with a staff member or a house policy or a menu item, please be considerate and please understand that the servers are people who need to earn their NYC livelihood through tips which is respected as a social contract.  A minimum of 15% is expected as part of this social contract.  Please be respectful!  It's good karma!

Tipping Policy:

A 20% Gratuity may be added to parties of 6 or more

house rule #6.jpg

You Must Be 21 Years Or Older With A Valid ID

What can we say?  It's the law.

If you look inebriated you will not be served.

We want you to get home safe.  You'll be upset with us now, but you will thank us later!

Inappropriate & False Reviews Will Be Responded To With Protective Voracity

Your positive or negative feedback is welcomed if it is factual and constructive, while respecting the fact that this business is the livelihood of real people.

Pata Negra Is A Wine & Tapas Bar Intended For Adults

Sorry!  We are not designed nor equipped properly to accommodate children or babies.  We can recommend many family restaurants in the neighborhood. 

  • Pata Negra Spanish Tapas & Wine Bar

  • 345 East 12th Street Between First and Second Ave. 

  • New York, NY 10003